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Night Cage, Volume 2 is a 100-page graphic novel, the second
part of a terrifying and steamy saga about vampires taking over a
women’s prison.

In Volume 1, newly turned vampire Sheila Dane is sentenced to a
maximum-security, underground prison, where she stealthily begins to
spread the evil contagion. Before long, every prisoner and every
guard has been transformed into a vampire--all except four badass convicts
who were left forgotten in solitary at the very bottom of the

In Volume 2, to escape, our heroines must battle their way up to
the surface through a vast army of bloodsuckers. Even before joining the
ranks of the undead, their adversaries were vicious ax murderers,
sociopaths, gang leaders and neo-Nazis. Now, they are unholy
monsters numbering in the hundreds.

Night Cage, Volume 2 is currently in production and is scheduled for
release in 2023. Pre-order your autographed copy now and be the
firstto get in on the action!

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FREE the exclusive Night Cage sketchbook showing behind-the-scenes
alternate covers and concept art not available in stores).

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