JFK Killed to Stop him from telling truth about Aliens!
Batboy Led U.S. Marines to Saddam!
Jesus Had an Identical Twin!
Toupee Made From Samson’s Hair Give Puny Doc Superhuman Strength!
Toilet of Terror!
Van Gogh’s Ear Found in Attic!
Fish with Human Face!
Saddam’s Weapon of Mass Destruction Found -- and it’s a Giant Slingshot!
Ooops! Bush Invaded Wrong Country -- He Meant IRAQ!
My Steamy Nights with Hillary in UFO Love Nest
Hillary’s Steamy Nights with Space Alien -- Jay Leno Praises Mike’s Writing
Capricons are the True Master Race, Group Claims
World’s Worst Vampire Hunter
Hundreds of Women were Impregnated with Ted Bundy’s Sperm!
Gal Lives on Island Nude -- Because She’s Allergic to Clothes!
Greedy Arab Merchant Sells Salt From Lot’s Wife
Closet Homosexuals Avoid Being Outed with New Gaydar Detector!
Bigfoot Kept Burly Lumberjack as Love Slave!
Johnny Depp is a Vampire!
Gay Skeletons Found in Titanic Life Saver!
Bigfoot Shot By Montana Cops!
Black Hole in Center of Galaxy is Satan’s Butt hole!
How to Tell if Your Wife is Moonlighting as a Lap Dancer!
Osama is a Dwarf!
Superman is Gay, Preacher Charges
My Nipples are Receiving Signals From Space, Blonde Claims
Karl Marx WAS One of the Marx Brothers!
Woman Died in 1951 But Her Cells are Alive Today!
There’s a Fungus Among Us! Giant Underground Fungus Menaces Northwest
Heaven and Hell Sign Peace Treaty!
Novel Written about the Titanic Disaster -- 14 Years Before it Happened!
Demons talking to you? Use Their Tips to Get Rich!
Planet-Dissolving “Chaos Cloud” Headed Toward Earth!
Protect Your Kids From Possessed Toys
Mummy Found in Ancient Sodom has AIDS
Alien Spaceship crashed in China 12,000 Years Ago!
Voodoo Priest Holding World Hostage -- with “Voodoo Globe” of Earth!
Chupacabras Terrorizes Puerto Rico
Top Neurologist Kills Professor Who Yelled at Him 14 Years Earlier
Most Shocking Murder Ever!
Weekly World News Pinup Girl’s Prison Nightmare (Part 1)
Pinup Girl’s Shocking Prison Nightmare (Part 2)
Pinup Girl Thanks WWN for Freeing Her from Prison (Part 3)
Masochists Go to Pain-Free Section of Hell
TV Pilots that will NEVER See the Light of Day
Jim the Wonder Dog -- Real-Life Psychic Pooch Baffled Experts
Scientists Find Real-Life Hobbits!
Apeman Baffles Scientists! Is it a Human-Chimp Hybrid?
Hopi Indian Prophecies
Real-Life Countess Dracula Killed 650 Teenage Girls
Cat Parasite Turns Gals into Sex Kittens!

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