Claustrophobic horror gets the max when vampires overrun an underground women’s prison, in this gorgeously illustrated 80-page graphic novel. Think ’Salem’s Lot meets Orange is the New Black. Sheila Dane, a newly made vampire, is sentenced to the escape-proof prison and quickly begins to spread the contagion. Her naïve young cellmate Aribella Harper finds her very soul is in danger as she struggles to stop the unholy fiend.

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NIGHT CAGE, Vol. 2 - Coming soon!


A Kickstarter is underway May 24-June 24, 2022 to complete Night Cage, Volume 2, the exciting conclusion to the two-part graphic novel about vampires overrunning a women's prison.

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In Volume 2, every prisoner and every guard in the underground prison has been transformed into a vampire—all except four badass female convicts who were left forgotten in solitary at the very bottom of the jailhouse. Now, in order to escape, our heroines must battle their way up through a vast army of the undead. Their bloodsucking adversaries were dangerous enough in life—vicious gang leaders, crazed ax murderers, merciless serial killers—and now they are unholy monsters.
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